About us

Lance Workshop is so named to evoke the sense of something crafted in a workshop; a carefully considered item, something designed and fabricated with real intention.

Lance Workshop is the work of Kate and Henry Lance. We started the company in 2006 in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia, and moved it to Sydney in 2011. Initially we worked only in residential architecture, but as time progressed we moved into interiors, renovations, product design, bespoke architectural installations, lighting and even a couple of motorcycles.

We believe that all design projects deserve the same process and the same attention. Whether we are designing the whole house or a piece of furniture, the process is the same; only the scale is different.

We believe our designs should last a lifetime, or longer.

We believe in honest materials. Think concrete, steel, copper, bronze, masonry and wood. You won’t find much plasterboard, MDF or plastic in our projects.

We believe in always creating a ‘wow factor’.

We hope you appreciate our philosophy and that we may have the opportunity to work with you.